Last week, I went to DC for Silverdocs. For the most part, I was there to review new music documentaries for Tiny Mix Tapes, but I had time to check out a few other films, too. One of the best of these was Super Amigos, a film that follows five rather unusual “lucha libre”-style Mexican wrestlers in Mexico City. Each masked man is a crusader for a different cause: Super Barrio fights for tenants’ rights and prevents eviction, Fray Tormenta runs two shelters for homeless children, and Super Gay combats homophobia. Ecologista Universal is the conservationist wrestler, while Super Animal directs his rage towards bullfighting.

The film’s comic book style, integrating animated sequences and panels of narration, underscores the wrestlers’ status as quirky, local superheroes. Super Amigos is both politically serious and lots of fun, incorporating light and heavy moments into an inspiring and entertaining film about five men and their unique approach to social activism.