I tend to hate stoner comedies. Half Baked put me to sleep. How High? How lame. I walked out of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. I just can’t abide the same dumb jokes over and over again. But there’s something different about Gregg Araki’s Smiley Face. Sure, the movie is all about someone’s stoned adventures, but the writing, acting, and directing are so sharp that it never felt trite. I have always adored Araki–he is so delightfully strange–and his last film, Mysterious Skin, proved that there was more to him than stylized tales of drugged-out teenagers. Smiley Face is another new direction, though it does involve one seriously stoned post-adolescent.

Anna Faris is brilliant as Jane, an out-of-work actress who devours an entire plate of her evil roommate’s cupcakes after her daily wake and bake. The action begins when Jane enters the weed haze to end all others and realizes that said cupcakes were of the “special” variety. From there, she embarks on a quixotic quest to buy more pot, bake new cupcakes, and make it to an audition. Of course, her efforts end in one disaster after another. The supporting cast is absurd and hilarious, featuring Danny Masterson fucking a skull, Adam Brody as a dreadlocked dealer, and John Krasinski as a total dweeb.