Michael Sarnes’s take on Gore Vidal’s bestseller might as well be the video guide to “Notes on Camp.” Rex Reed, in cinema’s most obvious casting choice, plays Myron Breckenridge, a dandyish film critic who undergoes cinema’s most surreal sex reassignment surgery to emerge as Myra (Raquel Welch), a glamorous supervixen hell-bent on shattering the heterosexual imperative. Inexplicably integral to this plan is Myra’s infiltration of her Uncle Buck Loner’s (John Huston) acting school as she fights him for her portion of a sizable inheritance. But the flimsy plot is incidental to the priceless, midnight movie trash that lurks within Myra Breckenridge’s terrifically fun digressions. Brief clips from black-and-white gems of the ‘30s and ‘40s provide a constant, almost tic-like, commentary on the action. Mae West transforms the film into her own, private Sunset Boulevard, as a debauched talent agent with an insatiable hunger for young men. Thirty-seven years later, we’re still not ready for her close-up.

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